Main Street / S.T.E.M.

Connect with Community in a Meaningful Way!

Country Village’s unique “Main Street” concept is much more than a fun way to get to our classrooms. On any given day, you may notice something different about one – or more – of its many storefronts. A new menu item at the Bistro, perhaps.  An exotic animal hiding up in the treehouse. A child may find new fruits and vegetables on display at the grocer, and become curious as to what the change might signify. Through each delightful observation, Country Village students are already relating to the lessons learned in class. And the possibilities are near endless, which is the true beauty of our Main Street experience.

At Country Village Preschool, we believe that nothing works in isolation. Children learn best by making connections between classroom lessons and real-life experiences. With its child-sized facades, Main Street becomes a springboard for introducing new content to our students: the perfect backdrop to integrate a rich S.T.E.M.-based curriculum into the learning environment. Our students go hands-on, exploring a world designed with an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Where Kids/Children Connect with Community in a Meaningful Way

Learn with us at Main Street’s eight distinct activity centers:

  • Country Fresh Market (Grocer)
  • Village Hose & Ladder (Fire Station)
  • First on Main  (Bank)
  • Sandee’s Clubhouse (Clubhouse)
  • Le Petit Bistro (Restaurant)
  • Pack & Go Travel (Travel Agency)
  • The Tinker Tank (Science Laboratory)
  • Little Hands Art Gallery (Art Store)

The possibilities for exploration are endless!

Never static, Main Street can transform itself with the seasons and reflect each new theme that is introduced.  It can not only teach a child about an idea, but let a child experiment with the concept in a playful, real-world setting.

So when your child learns about Asia, for example, don’t be surprised if Main Street gets decorated with large dragons in anticipation for Chinese New Year; the Grocer adds some opo squash, lotus root, and lemon grass to its seasonal offerings; the Fire Station puts out a safety warning on the proper use of sky lanterns; the Bank offers to help children convert their dollars into yuan; the Clubhouse becomes home to a lost Giant Panda; the Restaurant start serving some sweet and sour pork, wontons, and dumplings on the side; the Travel Agency puts up maps that advertise trips along the Yangtzee or Yellow River; the Science Laboratory discovers a recipe for ancient fireworks; or the Art Store covers its doors with elaborate calligraphy or student paintings of mountains, homes, birds, trees, and water – all very common themes in the far east.

Main Street is about experience, and we invite you, and especially your child, to come and experience it with us!