About Us

Paving the Path with Perspective

Country Village Preschool was founded on the belief that learning is experienced from within. It’s more than just listening or being told something by a teacher, and it involves the child in a direct and hands-on way.  It’s an active process that involves being curious, thinking beyond, and solving problems. Our teachers make it their job to involve the child in every aspect of the learning process and to create challenging, enriching, and relevant experiences along the way.

As a school, we aim to provide a safe, nurturing environment rich with opportunities for exploration, where children can grow and make meaningful connections. We invite you to join our family and to create a lasting impact on your child’s future – an early footprint on an exciting path.

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

- William Butler Yeats

The Power of Exploration

Children are explorers by nature. They want to touch… feel… discover… play. They want to experience the world directly through hands-on interactions. That’s how they learn. Actually, that’s how we all learn—at any age.  In more academic terms, we say that children are active learners from birth.  They are intrinsically motivated to explore the world around them; to investigate and engage the objects and people in their environment; and to gather knowledge in the process.

bee exploring

Nurturing, Safe Learning Environment

At Country Village Preschool, we support that internal drive by fostering an environment where learning occurs in a friendly, nurturing, and choice-driven setting. Students and teachers work together to develop problem-solving and decision-making skills in a comfortable and safe setting.  At the school’s heart lies Main Street, a child-sized community where children can engage their senses and be curious, creative, and passionate: a place where they can sow the seeds for a lifetime filled with learning.  Main Street extends upon the day-to-day learning in our classrooms by allowing children to put into practice all that they have learned.


Our Mission

Country Village Preschool aims to foster growth, well-being, and intellectual development in young children through gentle guidance, free exploration, open discovery, and the use of multifaceted didactic materials.

We seek for our students to become acute observers, independent thinkers, and self-sufficient individuals who can adapt to life’s many challenges.